Finding The Best Lawyer For Your Case

finding an attorney in bcIt can be a real challenge to find the best lawyer for your particular case. With so much at stake, it makes sense to do a little research before your case starts in earnest. Even if things are already heating up, it’s never too late to explore your options.

With so many law firms to choose from and so many lawyers aggresively seeking your business, it can be difficult to find the right law firm for you. Besides being compassionate and competent, you must be able to relate and communicate with your attorny. It if doesn’t feel right, especially at the beginning of your relationship with your lawyer, then you will most likely be better off moving on.

To help you find the best local lawyer here in BC, have a look at the three part series we’ve created below. It will help guide you through the process of researching and ultimately choosing a lawyer that not only suits your case, but suits you.

Part 1: The Basics

Determine what type of law firm or attorney you’ll need. Some legal scenarios call for a general practitoner that deals with many different types of cases. Specific legal problems call for specialized lawyers:

  • Bankruptcy attorneys focus on bankruptcy laws and may well be the very best choice for those who require aid dealing with personal or corporate debt.
  • An attorney who concentrates on criminal law is the best option if you are accused of engaging in criminal activity, accused of a criminal offense or have doubts or concerns about whether a certain act is legal.
  • Specialized lawyers manage disability claims. If you are handicapped and require an attorney to assist in Medicare, social or even veteran benefits, it is best to consider a disability claims expert.
  • Attorneys dealing exclusively with  estates and trusts obviously deal with issues like estate planning, probate and wills and dealing with aging parents and grandparents.
  • Family and divorce law firms and lawyers deal with matters such as separation, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, adoption, guardianship, child support and custody and spousal support.
  • Injury attorneys deal with matters involving professional malpractice, vehicular accidents and any injury to a person or persons that may arise due to the actions of another. Anyone who has actually been hurt or injured in any way should seek out the services of an injury attorney immediately.
  • Employment attorneys specialize in issues relating to the workplace and employment law. They can help you or your your company set up robust employment policies and/or deal with wrongful termination cases brought against you or your company, copyright or intellection property issues, union and/or contract disputes as well as representing your company when another business chooses to take legal action against you.

Ask people you know and respect for recommendations and suggestions. Talk to your colleagues, associates, friend and family members who may have utilized an attorney for a similar matter. Ascertain who they employed, for exactly what type of service, if they were happy with that service, and why or why not. If they’re comfortably enough to suggest a firm, put that firm on your short list.


Look online for testimonials. There are lots and lots of places to look for lawyer reviews online. Google, Yahoo or Bing will return an exhaustive listing of testimonials for both lawyers and law firms.


Contact the Law Society of BC. The Law Society of BC keeps public records about complaints, fines and suspensions handed out to lawyer licensed to practice law in the province of British Columbia. Here’s a link to the Law Society of BC.


Create a short list of the lawyers or law firms you might want to work with. Be certain to include as much contact information as you can. At the very least make a note of the attorney’s name, address, telephone number and website address. This will certainly help you organize your search as you proceed.


Make a note of the firm’s website(s). If you do not have a website address for any of them, run a simple search for their name, contact number or address in your preferred search engine to figure out if you can locate a web site. If you can’t find their site using one of the main search engines, cross them off your list.


Review each attorneys’ web site. At the very least, look for specifics about the type of law the attorney specializes in and practices.

  • Try to find some basic details about the kind of legal issue you need assistance with, including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) area, or pages on the site relating to your concerns and case. The very best law firms all have well-developed websites providing a great deal of relevant and case specific information.
  • The site should supply information about each attorney working for the firm. Browse each lawyer’s education, case background and make a note of any prominent cases they were involved with. Attorneys with several years’ experience in the type of law you’re interesting in are most likely better at it than those with limited experience and/or those who just started practicing.
  • More often than not, you ought to look for an attorney with a minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience in the type of law or case you’re seeking legal representation for. Additionally, you may want to choose an attorney that currently practices locally as you’ll spend time travelling to and meeting with your attorney.


Any attorney who you feel is not a good fit needs to be removed from your short-list. This can be for any reason whatsoever: For instance,  the type or kind of law they specialize in or because they don’t have a professional presence on the Net. You cannot afford to any uncertainty regarding your legal representation prior to you hiring a specific attorney.


Keep in mind that the size of the firm is important. Law firms can vary from one attorney to literally hundreds. You need to select a firm that you think will be the best possible fit for your issue. You’ll want to invest in a big-time lawyer from a prominent firm if you’re company is planning to take on your biggest competitor. On the other hand, if you only need help you with a pre-nuptial agreement, you might wish to work with an attorney from a smaller, more modest firm.


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